May 30 - June 27th 2021

Monitor Your Build Progress. Online!

Our web based construction progress reports will enable you to monitor, exactly what is being accomplished on your build site, from capture date to capture date, right from the comfort of your own home or office. Via the Internet!

In addition to your personalized construction progression report website. The original, high definition photos, videos, DEM's and orthomosaics are available to you to download. We can transfer them to your Google drop box or the file server or service of your choice. Or alternatively we can host them for you for a small monthly fee.

We invite you to review this example site. Consider the benefits, and contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and quote. The sky is no longer the limit!

Progression Video

May 30th 2021 to June 27th

Select the option to watch full screen, in 4k resolution. POI's can be determined by you.

In addition to your Internet based construction progression reports, the original, high resolution master images, videos, orthomosaics and DEM's can also be made available for you to download. Click either image below for more information about each type of capture.


What is a Digital Elevation Model

Click the image above for a short video defining and describing the difference between a DEM, DTM and DSM.

Construction Video Progression

What is an Orthomosaic Image?

Click the image above for a short video demonstrating the many uses and benefits of an orthomosaic image.


We are not surveyors. The maps, models and associated data provided and offered on this website do not represent survey grade data. Although they are highly accurate, no liability is assumed for the accuracy of the data delineated on any map, either expressed or implied. If you require centimetre accuracy, please seek the services of a licensed land surveyor or survey engineer. DronesiViews LLC data gathering does not replace the need for a licensed land surveyor. Additionally, we do not overlay property boundaries on lots (developed or undeveloped) for sale for the same reasons noted above.

3D Model Demo

3D Site Models are Optional

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Virtual progressions save you time, travel and effort and enable you to closely monitor your construction site progress over time.

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