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My online construction progress reports can help simplify your workflow and save construction site supervisor hours in travel time and walking the job site. Reports can be shared online, globally so stakeholders, investors and anyone else with a vested interest in monitoring the progress of your a build can monitor and collaborate about the ongoing progress of the project from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the web based multimedia progress presentations, we can provide you with all original, full sized high resolution photos, videos, orthomosaics and DEM's. If you or your site surveyor require something in particular, just ask and and chances are we can provide it to you. Point clouds, depth maps We can make these files downloadable to you or transfer them to the file server or service of your choice.

Timeframes depend on the project. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly are typical. How often do you want your project captured?

CLICK HERE to watch a short video describing an orthomosaic image and the value it can bring to your construction project.

CLICK HERE to learn about Digital Terrain, Digital Surface Models and Digital Elevation Models.

A construction progress report keeps you up to date about your project's ongoing progress from onset to completion.

Internet based progress reports and deliverables make it possible for everyone involved to stay up to date and informed about the ongoing status of a build, from anywhere in the world, via the Internet and to change or adjust assignments, schedules, and budgets if and whenever necessary.

These reports are typically used for projects that have many stages of development from onset to completion and are captured and displayed online at regular intervals, providing a detailed, graphic overview of the evolution of your project with emphasis on specific points of interest in addition to the full sized, high resolution photo and video deliverables also provided.

Internet Based Progression Reports Enable You To:

- Improve overall business efficiency.
- Identify trends and required changes.
- Make project adjustments on the go.
- Review the project to learn from past mistakes.
- Promote team collaboration and accountability.
- Improve team transparency and boost productivity.
- Witness & review the entire build. Start to finish.

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Virtual progressions save you time, travel and effort and enable you to closely monitor your construction site progress over time.

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